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Welcome To Court Ordered Online!

Do you need to an education course to satisfy a Court, Legal or Occupational Requirement? Finding or attending a live class can often be difficult.  Online classes meet court and occupational requirements in most states.

Classes are available 24/7, self-paced, 100% online and include a certificate of completion at no additional cost. Free online proof of enrollment is also provided.

You can register and complete the classes without having to lose time away from work, home, or school.  Before registering, make sure an online class will be accepted for your situation.


Online DUI Classes and Alcohol/Drug Awareness Classes

You may be required to enroll in a DUI/DWI Class or Alcohol & Drug Awareness class if: you need to fulfill a legal requirement for court or probation for DUI/DWI or ... Read More


Online Minor In Possession Classes

Minor in Possession (MIP & MIC) Classes are ideal for court and legal issues or when there is a personal concern over alcohol and/or dug use. The Minor in Possession classes are for ... Read More


Online Anger Stress Management Classes

Uncontrolled anger can cause physical harm to oneself, others and physical property and emotional harm to others. Anger can become a habit which will destroy important relationships over time both ... Read More


Online Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes

Whether you are a single parent, married couple, blended family, or divorced, parenting can be a challenge. If you are currently separated or in the process of getting a divorce, this ... Read More


Online Sexual Harassment Classes

Sexual harassment training provided to employees provides awareness as to what is appropriate workplace conduct and will reduce a company’s liability.  It will also bring organizations into compliance with state ... Read More


Online Theft Classes

Theft or Shoplifting Classes for individuals who need to take a program related to stealing, theft, petty theft, larceny, or shoplifting. These classes are designed for: court ordered legal, school professional requirements   Stealing, shoplifting, and related forms of ... Read More

Online Classes Not Accepted?

Access Behavioral Change/Rehab Continuums provides the following services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Chemical Health Assessments

Anger Assessments

One Day DWI/Alcohol and Drug Awareness Classes

Driving With Care Cognitive Behavioral Classes

For more information on the above services, visit

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